Our Export Story

All About How We Made It

We’re very proud of the fact that a lot of people across the length and breadth of the globe, wake up to our teas! Our exports market is spread across UAE, UK, New Zealand, Qatar, Bahrain, Kuwait, Singapore, Mauritius, Spain and Pakistan. But that’s not it – the Government of India also recognized our relentless efforts and has showered us with accolades for excellence in exports.

Like every story – ours too began with little, baby steps. Our first foray into the international exports market started with a handful of Eastern European countries and a few Middle Eastern countries. We built our tea business block-by-block, providing excellent service and high-grade qualities to each and every one of our wholesale buyers.

Sometime during our journey, we also realized that it was time for us to embrace our very own brand of tea – and thus Kia was established.

About Kia

In 2011, we identified a market for our own tea label and began to manufacture a home packaged label of tea, called Kia. Over a period of time, Kia’s wide range of teas has led us to collaborating with some of the world’s leading tea brands including Lipton, Tata Tea, Walmart, Tetley, etc. This was only the beginning. With Kia, we opened a lot of vistas and have been making leaps of progress in the privately packed tea industry, supplying customized blends to brands to suit their regional tastes and demands. Kia has successfully penetrated the bulk tea market, providing every retailer a taste of his or her own liking.

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