Varietea Lounge

A little more about Varietea Lounge and what it does

Varietea Lounge is a tea lounge cum restaurant that serves quick bites, snacks and even small meals to satiate your tastebuds. The idea is to get people to try homegrown teas and tisanes as well as explore the teas that are imported from Africa and Srilanka. The café serves over 75 types of tea, to open people up the idea of how stress-relieving, delicious and medicinal teas can be.

Over the past few years, since its inception, Varietea Lounge has become the hotspot haunt for college goers, young professionals, families and corporates alike. We have people coming in to conduct informal meetings, birthday parties and a lot more! We’re chic without the frills, we’re happening without the fanfare! The tidbits and snacks at Varietea have also been well-received – so it isn’t just the teas. Our chefs and tea connoisseurs have also worked towards creating spritzy cocktails and alcoholic infusions using the teas on our menus (only non-Gujarat regions).

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