In the bustling city of Western India, one household name has been satisfying palates for over four decades. Its name is Belseri Tea. Since 1977, Belseri Tea has been the preferred choice for tea lovers across the region.

With a wide range of delicious and richly satisfying variants, Belseri Tea caters to the tastes and needs of different groups of people. From the classic leaf teas to the fannings tea to the aromatic elaichi tea, the company prides itself on delivering the perfect cup of tea every time. The company is also venturing into making processed, fine sugar from the best sugarcane. With India’s organized dairy market, the company will also venture into the milk segment.

Belseri Tea’s commitment to quality is evident in every package they produce. With various package sizes, customers can enjoy their favorite tea at home or on the go. The company’s dedication to excellence has contributed immensely to its popularity and earned the trust of its loyal customers.

At Belseri Tea, we understand that a good cup is more than a beverage. It’s a moment of relaxation, a time to connect with loved ones, and a source of comfort. We take pride in providing our customers with only the best quality tea.

With a legacy of excellence and a passion for tea, Belseri Tea remains committed to delivering the perfect cup of tea to customers across Western India and beyond.