Ravindra Patel had the vision to create a sustainable future for the farmers who worked tirelessly to produce the finest tea in the world. He started the Organic Belseri Company more than four decades ago. His son, Rishit Patel, took over the reins and continued to build on his father’s legacy. Today, Organic Belseri stands tall as a pioneer in organic Assam tea production. They cater a rare kind of tea made from Camellia aliens tea leaves, coffee for everyone, whether you’re a seasoned connoisseur or a novice just starting to explore the world of coffee, varieties of herbs, sugar substitutes called sweeteners and cocoa.

But it’s not just about producing the finest tea. Organic Belseri is committed to creating a sustainable future for our farmers. We begin by offering organic and natural certification and training to our farmers. We empower them with the knowledge and resources to adopt sustainable farming practices that benefit the environment and their livelihoods.

At Organic Belseri, our farmer partners are our biggest asset. That’s why we pay them a premium over market prices and make agriculture a viable option for them. By doing so, we ensure a supply chain of quality organic and natural goods that are good for the planet and the people who consume them.

So, whether you’re a tea or coffee lover or someone who cares about the environment and social responsibility, Organic Belseri has something for you.