At Leaf and Lattes, we mainly provide B2B solutions for our signature teas. We also provide herbs, coffee, and cocoa. We offer an extensive range of blends of all these products in bulk packaging, both in loose-leaf and powder formats.

We are sure you will find something from our range of exotic and signature blends that will suit your particular preference, and if not, we shall be happy to take customized orders to complement your offerings and for you to serve your customers a cup of enchantingly aromatic tea with luscious flavors.

Our signature teas can be exported in bulk in institutional or food service packs, making us one of the few prominent players to provide bulk in smaller and larger quantities.
At Leaf and Lattes, we believe in sustainability and are proud to be Rainforest Alliance and Fair Trade certified. We source our ingredients from certified farms that share our commitment to sustainability and ensure that our products are ethically sourced and produced.
From our impeccable tea blends to our exceptional customer service and quality, we are committed to making every moment more joyful and memorable.